Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to have a credit card to sign up?

You must have a credit card (Visa, M.C.) to register online and bid, but you may pay cash when you pick up your item(s) at load out.


What area do you serve?

We manage auctions in the Northern California Area and are serving bidders nationwide.


How does this work?

Register online with us
Sign up for our emails to receive upcoming auctions
Choose an auction to check out
Come to Preview to see your favorite items
Relax at home while bidding on those items
Receive an invoice of your winning bids via email
Come to Load Out to pick up your items


How much do you charge a Client/Customer?

AuctionBrothers will meet with the Client to discuss the terms, and charge a % of the total sales.
There is a Buyers Premium (a % of the final selling price) for each Customer’s winning bids.


What if I can’t make it to the specified Load Out Dates?

Call Before Auction Closes To Schedule A Late Pick Up.      Any items not removed by stated time will accrue storage fees.

If Not Picked Up:  Buyers in default authorizes AuctionsBrothers to charge a 15% re-listing fee to their credit card based upon their high bid amount. There are no refunds or exchanges.

$50 Bid Hold:  A $50.00 hold will be placed on your card when you place your first bid for this auction. If payment is defaulted on, the credit card hold will be applied towards the 15% relisting fee.


What does Soft Close mean?
A soft close prevents individuals from entering a bid at the very last
second before an auction item closesAuctionBrothers  has a
two-minute soft close policy on each lot.
This means that if a bidder enters a bid within two minutes of the
lot's initial closing time, a two-minute extension would be added on.
The lot will not close until bidding is static for two minutes.
This gives other interested bidders time to raise their bid before the
lot closes.
Please be aware that as certain lots go into extended bidding the next
scheduled item(s) will still be closing on time. So be sure to scroll
down and keep an eye on the rest of the auction.
What/When is The Start of the Auction?
The Start of the Auction is listed on our website and flyers under the
auction name. This is the day and time that the lots are open for
bidding. The start of the auction is usually on/or the night before the
first day of preview.
You will notice the day(s), hours and minutes left for bidding on each
lot. You will be able to place your bids and proxy's at this time and
up until and during  when the auction closes.
What/When is Auction Closing?
The Auction Closing Day and Time is listed on our website and flyers
under the auction name. This is when the lots begin their final
countdown. The first lot closes generally at 6pm with each lot closing
between 20 seconds and two minutes consecutively. If a lot is bid on
within the last two minutes of it's closing, it will be given a two
minute extension to allow all bidders the chance to bid again. Please
remember to scroll through the remaining lots, as they will close at
their appointed time.
The lots that are closing will drop off the screen and the next lot
will pop up as the time ticks on. You will be able to see if someone
has outbid you on a lot, and you will be able to increase your bid if
you choose. You will have to be online and paying attention to make
this happen. This process will continue as long as there is competitive
bidding. Also remember to refresh the page regularly by clicking on the circling arrow at the top of the page or on your search window
What Is A Proxy Bid?
Proxy Bid: Is a hidden reserve and is an easy way to bid on items if you are unable to place bids at the closing time of an auction.
A Proxy Bid enables you to place the highest amount you want to pay for a particular item.
When you enter your maximum amount it will hold it as others bid against you.
You will only pay the last bid amount.
For example, if there is a $5 item that you will pay $50 maximum on, you can place a $50 Proxy.
As others bid against you the price will continue to raise in $5 increments*,
you remain the winner of the item until someone outbids the $50 Proxy that was placed. If the final bid is $20 dollars, that is the amount you pay.