About Us

                                Auction Brothers

                                                                                                    A Family You Can Trust

Created in the Northern California area in February 2016, we've taken opportunities by the reins with a combined experience of 15 years.

At AuctionBrothers it is our mission to create family with our Employees, our Clients and our Customers. Treating each Client, Customer and Interaction with respect, compassion, integrity, loyalty and determination.


AuctionBrothers specializes In Online Auctions.

We are a worldwide online auction company that provides a secure and professional service with new technology that provides an easy and secure web site.


AuctionBrothers Services:

 Our Employees will be there to greet you with a great attitude and a smile and are quick to assist you in any way we can.

 On Previews you can come join us to view the auction, There's always Popcorn, Drinks, Music and great Lots to check out.  Feel free to ask any questions and check things out. Preview is your chance to find the items you can't wait to bid on.  Don't miss out!

 Load outs are made easy.  AuctionBrothers will be there to assist you in finding your lots. All of our auctions are pre-planned weeks in advance giving us the opportunity and upper hand to be well organized, well advertised, and create well thought out auctions.

 AuctionBrothers works as a team making the auction process easy and fun for both parties.


 Every Auction is tailored to each client.  We've done many styles of Auctions including  Estates, Farms, Consignments, Gym and Hotel Auctions.

 Come by and say hi.  Snoop, our Auction Dog, will be there with a happy wag to greet you!


For consultation contact Neki or Landon

California: (530) 345-BROS

Idaho: (208) 626-3119

Our Email is: Info@AuctionBrothers.com