Location: Cool, CA

The Cool Auction

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The Cool Auction.

Bidding Starts: Sat Jun 24th, 8am 2017

Auction Preview: Sat Jun 24th, Mon Jun 26th, 9am - 2pm

Bidding Closes: Tues Jun 27th, 6 - 9pm

Auction Load Out: Wed Jun 28th, Thur 29th, Fri 30th, 9am - 3pm

Location: Cool ca.

Location: Paradise, CA

Antique Estate Auction


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Antique Estate Auction !!!

Bidding Starts: This Auction has been postponed.

Auction Preview:            

Bidding Closes:               

Load Out:                

We ship.


Location: Paradise CA

Location: Winters, CA

The Winters Nursery Equipment Auction


The Winters Nursery Equipment Auction


Bidding Starts: Due to long rains and muddy grade A soil, this auction will be coming this Summer!

Bidding Closes:             


Load Out:            

Location: Winters ca.


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